It’s been exactly one week now since this has been on repeat in my mind, “What does the hummingbird meaning symbol stand for?”

Note: In case you’re interested, prior to writing this, I reflected on a decade HERE.

Hummingbird Tattoo

Let me start here.

I’m in Sedona for the 5th time enjoying all the small things, including this minimal hummingbird tattoo.

Hummingbird Meaning Symbol {and the new tattoo} #hummingbird #minimaltattoo

The entire tattoo is,

I am enough.

And to accompany the words is the small size hummingbird, with minimal lines.

It’s funny how I never thought I’d be getting one tattoo, much less several. But every inch of ink on me has special meaning; these new ones are no different.

A massive symbol of love, “I am enough” and the hummingbird both bring me to the present moment born out of things from my past.

It is no secret that I’ve had an incredibly tough time dealing with and accepting my dad’s passing. I keep thinking that “I should be over it by now,” but am constantly reminded that grief does not work that way.

Anyways, “I am enough” comes from a single night when I was 25. It was summer, and I was at home visiting Minnesota shortly before Ryan and I got married. On this night, my entire life and world changed from one single (and fairly short) conversation with my dad.

To this day, I’ve never shared the story with a soul. Honestly? Not even because I don’t want to. Instead because each time I think of it and start remembering it all, I cry.

But both the words and hummingbird go back to that night; they are truly a symbol of joy. I’m just unable to fully share yet.


Little Things

So why the hummingbird and where the hell did this little bird come into my life?

First, believe me when I tell you this story because I cannot make this up. But furthermore, you should absolutely believe it because I do not even like birds.

My grandma, Verna, loved birds so much. She had them everywhere. She even got us gifts with birds in snow globes; the whole 9 yards. But I do not like birds and if you need confirmation of that, my mother will be happy to express my dislike for them.

However, I will say that I’ve become more keen to the Cardinal lately as one randomly shows up near me, near my brother, and near Mom. So, I welcome him because I like to believe it’s Dad saying, “hello.”

Alright, I digress.

On Wednesday, while getting a massage, not once but twice I felt something touch me. Now, it wasn’t major, but instead felt like a little spider dropped then went away or even a raindrop plopped on me. Nonetheless, I was calm and peaceful so my mind said, “It’s nothing. Just relax.”

When my massage was over, I stepped out of the room and the masseuse (who I personally know and consider a friend) said to me,

There was a hummingbird in there with us the entire time today.

She continued, “I just sent you a screenshot of the word hummingbird to remind you. I have no idea what it means or why, but it was there.”

Now, this woman who does my massages is extremely intuitive. She knows things all the time before I do, and I’ve been working with her on “release” and “breath” for quite some time. She is incredible at what she does, BUT I’m still always a little curious. As in, “I mean, how much can she truly know?” And so, I never say a thing about things that happen during the session because I want to see what she picks up, if anything, on her own.

1,000% – swear on my father’s grave – she had NO idea that twice during the massage I felt a little something touch me.

She continues to tell me she has goosebumps from that hummingbird visit and that I released something major. In fact, my entire look coming out of the session was different than going in.

I felt it, too.

My heart was bursting with some sort of emotion I could not put my finger on. I mean, I’m still not sure I can. But what I did do was start to research – all. the. things.

To know me is to know that stuffing emotions, hiding words, and failing to explore every last thing are not in alignment with who I truly am.

When I was sick, I learned the power of listening to the body from a physical standpoint. Once I began healing for good, I also learned the power of listening to the body – things that lie beyond the physical self and physical manifestations.

They are different things, but today I am more confident in who I am because I’m able to tap into it all.

Hummingbird Meaning Symbol

Click HERE to save the hummingbird meaning symbol for later.

Hummingbird Meaning Symbol {and the new tattoo} #hummingbird #minimaltattoo #sedona

If you’re curious about the hummingbird symbolism, I have a ton of inspiring information to share.

Tiny Hummingbird Facts

Here are 8 facts about the hummingbird:

  1. Hummingbirds are not only some of the world’s smallest birds, but their wings beat at lightning speed—and they’re the only bird able to fly backward. Despite the fast pace of their wings, hummingbirds appear motionless.
  2. This small bird is tenacious! These birds are fierce and known to attack intruders with their long, pointy beaks and fast-beating wings. They can even drive away much larger birds, and because of this, “they were once honored in both myth and history as courageous and lively warriors.”
  3. There are over 300 different species of hummingbird in our world, and each carries its own special ‘medicine’ or teaching.
  4. They come in bright, jewel-like vibrant colors. These bright colors are there to “communicate with each other; to attract mates of the appropriate species, and to act as a brilliant flashing beacon to mark their territories.” (source) (But yes, my tattoo is black, with minimal lines. Because that’s who I am.)
  5. Some species of hummingbirds have hearts that beat over 1,200 times per minute. And they inhale and exhale as much as 250 breaths per minute!
  6. The hummingbird is a pollinator, playing a vital role alongside the bee and the butterfly, as all are foundational for supporting life on Earth.
  7. There are no hummingbirds found in the wild in Africa and Asia.
  8. Some Native Americans believe that the hummingbird grows out of a flower.

Hummingbird’s Meaning

When you look up what the hummingbird’s meaning is, here are several things you’ll find:

  • joy
  • healing
  • beauty
  • sweetness
  • good luck
  • variety
  • angels
  • spirits
  • messengers
  • flirtatiousness
  • agility

In other words, the hummingbird almost entirely signifies positive things. And I believe the human soul needs more of this in our lives.

Spiritual Meaning of Hummingbirds

A hummingbird’s spiritual meaning runs far and wide.

In fact, they are seen as positive symbols and even spiritual messengers for angels in various cultures.

Here are 4 things to extract from the beautiful bird:

  1. Life life to the fullest
  2. …But give yourself rest too.
  3. Tap into your inner strength.
  4. Keep away from negativity by finding the joy and love in our lives.

Additionally, the hummingbird’s Christian symbolism relates to the bird’s essential capability to spread happiness to all people. The same source also states, “The Biblical meaning of the hummingbird also represents faith and hope. We are reminded to stay still, live in the present, and stop dwelling on the past and needlessly dreaming about the future.”

This is key for my own life; difficult times remind me to stay still and in the present because nothing from the past nor nothing which can happen in the future changes the now.

A Powerful Symbol

Here are even more powerful symbols the hummingbird gives us:

  • One of the messages of the hummingbird spirit animal is to honor and welcome diversity into your life. Don’t get into routine and rut. The hummingbird says, “Do something different. Variety is the spice of life!”
  • Hummingbirds are able to adjust in challenging circumstances to achieve their goals.
  • They remind us that good luck happens when you are receptive and open to the wonders in life. A hummingbird message, or affirmation, is, “I make good luck happen.” (Common in the Native American Culture.)
  • Like a butterfly, a dragonfly, or a cardinal, the hummingbird is a sign that your angels are present.
  • The Navajo people view the hummingbird as a sacred teacher.
  • In some cultures, a hummingbird tattoo symbolizes freedom in life.

Hummingbird Different Meanings

I never knew what my spirit animal was supposed to be. Now I think I know that the hummingbird power animal is possibly it.

Some of the most powerful things I read regarding the Hummingbird as I feel they most resonate with my life include:

  1. As a symbol for healing, the hummingbird can be a sign to think about what you are seeking for stimulation and nourishment. This could relate not just to food but also substances, material things, or relationships. In other words, where are you looking for energy? Is it a truly symbiotic, balanced, and mutually healthy relationship? If not, be like a hummingbird and quickly move on. Balance, harmony, and reciprocity do exist. You just have to be willing to leave the situations that are unhealthy to find the ones that will nourish you. (source)
  2. The hummingbird spirit animal also says, “If there is an opportunity in front of you, don’t wait. Be agile and seize the moment.”
  3. A signals that challenging times are over and healing can begin. 
  4. Even as a totem animal, I personally connect with the hummingbird. “However, there are also less fortunate traits one must consider. Hummingbird flight takes up a lot of energy so those with this totem may need more time at home to recuperate and they might lose focus with ever-changing dreams.” This is my never-ending state of chaos that I’ve been engaging in the hard work for a long time to reign in.

Sources: HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE

My Personal Hummingbird Tattoo Meaning

Alright, let’s bring it all in now.

In addition to everything I researched in combination with my experience last Wednesday, getting a tattoo of this tiny bird seemed like the most in alignment act I could do to start my 40th year.

But of course, all of the above was not enough so I thought I’d even research why people get tattoos of hummingbirds and their symbolic meaning.

Doing this solidified it all even more.

A hummingbird tattoo demonstrates that you have joie de vivre – that you cherish the joy and variety in life. It can also show that you are in tune with and in communication with your spirit guides. It can also signify that you or someone you love has overcome a healthy challenge and that you live in the light of health and vitality. (source)

Because many believe that the hummingbird signifies a loved one is near, I chose to put it right next to those words, “I am enough” that also place Dad near.

Hummingbird Meaning Symbol {and the new tattoo} #hummingbird #minimaltattoos

Good Things Always Looming

During this past week since turning 40, I have never felt so much gratitude for life, love, and positive energy moving through my body.

I feel lighter, happier, and more confident with a strong connection to who I am.

At 40, I know I’m on the “right path,” even if I don’t necessarily know what this path is.

And I believe we all have the power to seek and find this within.

Alright, signing off for today — I’m off to meditation, exploring Sedona, a long brunch at ChocolaTree Organic Oasis, then dinner at Mariposa — all with Ryan, who continues to let me fly and embraces growth with me.

Oh, and p.s. the last time I was in Sedona, I got my “air” sign (also the logo on my supplement line). I went back to the same guy for these tattoos this time. And I added to the triangle, surrounding it with a heart. The triangle/heart = the adoption symbol.

Hummingbird Meaning Symbol {and the new tattoo} #adoptionsymbol #minimaltattoo
Sedona Airport Vortex #sedona
Sedona hummingbird tattoo #sedona

Join the magic and chaos.




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  1. Oh! I loved reading your blog today and your hummingbird story. They have a special connection to me as well.
    I have to ask you, I’m going to Sedona for the first time the end of April. I’ll only be there a few days. Any recommendations on what to do and where I can get healthy, SIBO-friendly meals??

    • Hi! I’d have to think about this one, as I don’t have to limit anymore to low-FODMAP. But honestly, two things about Sedona and eating: 1. The food is all high-quality and “healthy,” and 2. I’ve never had a bad meal there yet! One place I think you’d LOVE is ChocolaTree Organic Eatery. And Mariposa will accommodate any allergies. Enjoy!!!!!!

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