My one word for 2024 is ELEVATE.

I have set a ‘My One Word’ since 2012 (by the way, that year was ‘unprocessed.’)

In the years that followed, I have set words like:

  • intention
  • embrace change
  • unafraid
  • less

Last year, in 2023, my one word was Rebuild.

Honestly, when I look back on all the years and the words I’ve set associating with them, I don’t know that I’ve ever set one that was conducive for huge growth.

And so now it’s time.

Where I Was vs. Where I Am

It all began back in early fall when I knew I had come a long way this year.

Last fall (fall of 2022) I posed this question to myself,

Where were you last year at this time?

And at the end of the year (2022), here’s exactly how I answered it,

Not only did I not move forward, but in some ways I moved drastically backwards.

So, THIS fall (fall of 2023), I took a trip, yet again to Sedona and while getting very clear about A Gutsy Girl (one of my businesses), it also saw me through to clarity around LIFE.

That weekend, I realized how small AGG was playing and also how small I, too, have been playing.

So I got home from Sedona and spent the next several months working on Gut Healing: ELEVATED.

Then, I set the intention and also My One Word for 2024: ELEVATE.

2024 [My One Word]: ELEVATE

2024 [My One Word]

To elevate, as a verb, means:

raise or lift (something) up to a higher position.

A verb is in the doing so I chose that definition.

First, it should be said that I’m not looking to elevate as a means for comparison in a higher position. In fact, let me make it clear that I have almost completely removed myself from those people, things, and ideas who are all about and only about elevating in order to show a materialistic life lived beyond extravagant means. This is NOT who I am from a foundational standpoint and I cannot stand it.

Okay, I digress.

Elevate means to go above and beyond where I HAVE PERSONALLY been in order to do things I have never done before.

ELEVATE: Business Objectives

  • A Gutsy Girl – focus on only 3 core areas:
    • Gut Healing: ELEVATED (my signature course to get women with IBS and/or IBD real and lasting results; I want to sell the course blueprint to other nutritionists, healthcare providers, and companies, too)
    • Ahara Dinacharya (my gut healing journaling SYSTEM I created, perfected, and re-launched into its own brand)
    • The supplement line (which I created in conjunction with a huge supplement company plus an 18-person “science team”)

That’s it. Those are the only 3 things I believe everyone needs for their gut healing journey to ELEVATE their own healing.

  • Thyme on Main – our brick and mortar
    • Refinery 507 – we rebranded to Refinery 507 from The Bar on Main in 2023, and now it’s time to take this kitchen + cocktail bar to new heights
    • 102 – Last March, my business partner (and best friend) Kayla and I bought the building right next to our current one. The whole building has been gutted and the new roof is done. What’s coming next has never been done in our town, and I can’t wait for the reveal in 2024!

And this year, all business numbers will be monitored, measured, tracked, and analyzed to the nth degree.

…..because remember, I’m hoping to SELL within the next 5 years.

ELEVATE: Fitness Objectives

I no longer workout for hours on end because:

a. I don’t believe it’s conducive for optimal health and

b. I don’t have time (see the rest of this list!)

But I still wanted to do something from a fitness standpoint that would keep me consistent and have me elevating.

There are just two goals for 2024:

  1. 365 miles of rucking with 40 lb (equals about 1 mile per day; 7 per week)
  2. 10,000 pushups (28 per day; 193 per week)

I have my ruck pack + just ordered THIS walking treadmill.

With or without the gym, I’m set.

ELEVATE: Health Objectives

This one is simple:

Ryan got me an Oura ring for Christmas, so the greatest way I’m elevating my health this year is by understanding more about my sleep and stress levels and then using the data to determine what my overall days will consist of (more or less?)

ELEVATE: Travel Objectives

I set a goal to travel more in 2024….with various people in various settings.

So, the following have already been set and planned:

  • Sedona (again!) then Phoenix in February, 2024 with Kayla
  • Wisconsin Dells in March, 2024 with my family, brother and sister-in-law (+ their two littles) and my mom
  • Roatan, Honduras in April, 2024 with my family – yes, even all the littles and I cannot wait
  • Costa Rica in November, 2024 with the A Gutsy Girl community (a healing retreat)

I believe travel is a key piece to ELEVATING our lives.

ELEVATE: Creative Objectives

I am a true entrepreneur and creative at heart.

Things I’m doing in my spare time – elements that fill my cup and enhance my life:

  • Getting another tattoo (I have the chicken-scratch of it done already)
  • Reading books galore (I recently fell in love with Audible – thank you, Ryan! – and have been reading like crazy. Some that I’m excited to read in the upcoming months include: Buy Back your Time, $100 million Dollar Offers, Shorter, The Book on Mental Toughness, Comfort Crisis, and The Practice)
  • Writing here +
  • …..and figuring out what I want to do with Creative Business Tribe
  • Continue the projects in our house because this is my place where the people and things I love most in the world reside

No More Time

In order to ELEVATE, I fully acknowledge that there is so much less time for the bulls#$%.

…..less time for doomscrolling.

……less time for looking sideways.

…..even less time for getting angry with those trying to ELEVATE in my same, exact ways.

…..less time for going out and feeling like s#$% the next day.

…..less time for saying YES when I know and feel my gut intuition saying NO.

We always have time for the things we make priority.

And I think I know mine.

Join the magic and chaos.




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