April 2019 Coffee Conversations time.

April showers bring May flowers…..or wait, is it April snowy showers bring May flowers? Seriously, how was that even real life? Minnesnowta it was.

I’m constantly being asked, “Still glad you moved back to Minnesota from California?” And I’m still replying, “I don’t live here because of the weather; we love it so much that we live here despite it.” And it’s true. I’m not at a place in my life where I’d choose where to live based on weather.

However, and I know it sounds crazy to most, I actually love all the different weather we have in Minnesota. All those freezing cold days makes us appreciate 50-degree days in ways I never did living in California.

Anyways, like a true Minnesotan, I’m getting into far too much on the weather. Let’s move on for a cup of coffee and conversations.

April 2019 Coffee Conversations

The highlights for our April 2019 coffee conversations include…

Released my new e-book, Reasonable SIBO.

I’m now working on my next e-book (to be released in June).

Had a date night at TRIO.

It seems like it’s quarter-to-never that Ryan and I go out by ourselves. Well we did one night in April. TRIO, obviously. Once a month is so not enough. I know some of you can relate to this phase of life.

Did a morning Dessert Bar photoshoot with my besties and their kids.

As the Chief Storyteller for Delighted By Desserts, I get to create all sorts of fun and delightful things. As a company, we are starting to see how much kids LOVE the product, so I wanted to do a photoshoot capturing it. The besties and I got our kids together one Sunday morning, rented the back room at Local Roots, and made some magical things happen.

Took lots of pictures of Reagan.

Our Great Dane, Reagan, is such a rockstar. She has some phenomenal genetics. Dane’s have an average life span of 6–8 years. She will be 11 in June. But she’s slowing down, way down. Her hips are starting to cause her troubles, and yet, I don’t think it’s time for her to leave Earth yet. We are soaking up all the time with her we can. And the pictures I get are priceless.


The kids did all the Easter egg hunts, ate all the food, and enjoyed time with family. I got the girls their outfits from Pippi Lane Boutique in our town — swoon. Is there anything sweeter than matching outfits? I’m going to play this game as long as they will let me.

Played outside as often as we could.

The second there is no rain or snow, we are outside! I love when my kids drop something on a floor, immediately pick it up, and eat it, and someone is quick to tell me, “Oh, ick. You shouldn’t let them do that.” Ha. Yeah right! My response: Check out Isaiah stuffing his face with dirt 🙂

Started doing some local pictures.

I randomly did some pictures for Tamie at Zinnias Boutique because Zinnias is currently in the basement to where my Office Studio is. And then I got contacted to do more plus reached out to other people to see if I could just for fun. This is purely a passion project because I love product and lifestyle photos — food or no food, and I love helping local business in this darling, little town. When I am inspired, I grab my camera and go….

Spent extra-lovin’ time with Maya the bee.

Working with a virtual company (Delighted By) means that once a month we have team zoom calls (face-to-face, online). At the beginning of those calls we always start with answering the questions, “What are you delighted by today?” and “What is your intention for the upcoming month?” Can’t make this stuff up; the company culture there is second to NONE. In fact, I recently told Mak (the founder and CEO) that I’m not sure how it is that I love her business as much as my own (okay, maybe just a smidge less, but barely)!

Anyways, I digress. I said that my intention for April was to be present with Maya — help her with the things she’s needing help with; give her extra of me if she wants it.

You see, I love when people think they know everything about our life and the children. “So easy,” you know because…..daycare, nannies, the ability to have the things we do, the gratitude we should just have because we were “blessed” with the children, etc.

People have no clue.

But what I have a clue about is how much I love the little bee, and how much I want to see her thrive — no matter what we have to do. I worked really hard with her during April; my intention is to roll this over to May.

Put the dock in and began porch nights.

FINALLY!!!! I think the snow is gone now for good! Even though it snowed still last weekend, Ryan, his dad and some friends put our dock in on the lake a week ago from yesterday. We also moved our porch furnishings back into the porch.

There is nothing like living here on the lake — and I wasn’t even sure I’d like it when the idea first came about.

But yes, yes I do love it! I love everything about this house and life in Minnesota — simply can’t make it up.

Catch ya later, April. May is an extremely (fun) busy and exciting month ahead….

Join the magic and chaos.




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