Happy birthday, Isaiah {you are four}.

I started writing this post on Mother’s Day, yesterday, at 7:30 am — while we were all sitting out on the porch enjoying the sun, cereal, and coffee (for mama, not you, Zay -you’re constantly trying to steal my coffee).

You were sitting at the little picnic table, turned around and said, “Mama, I’m going to be fow (four).” I replied, “Yes, Isaiah. How many fingers is that?” You put up five, then I told you, “No, how many fingers are four, Isaiah?” You removed one finger.

Thankfully, today it’s just four vs. five fingers.

Happy Birthday, Isaiah {You are Four}

Here are all your previous birthday letters, Zay:

  1. Happy Birthday, Isaiah {You are One}
  2. {You are Two}
  3. Happy Birthday, Isaiah {You are Three}

And today is four.

Dear Isaiah,

Here is what I know for sure on your fourth birthday — for all the trying times, you have made them all worth it.

I would be totally remiss if I didn’t start your birthday letter out by telling you that your old man charm, laugh, and humor makes mama, daddy (and everyone else) crack up daily. If I could bottle it up and save them for a rainy day, I would in a heartbeat.

People have said since you were born that you had an old man’s soul. I still believe that.


Love trucks, airplanes, motorcycles, boats, and any other vehicle that is loud. Playing with those toys and making their sounds is a favorite of yours.

Adore Mimi (pronounced mee-mee). Ah, yes, Samarah’s doll that you re-named Mimi and stole from her. You could spend all day, every day with Mimi. Yesterday, the two of you had some food out on the porch together.

Are super busy. Give me some of your energy! I think you could run, bounce, scream, and be active 24/7. We are still trying to find more outlets for you.

Know every song you come into contact with. It’s true — when you hear a song, you’ll pick it up- beat, lyrics, all of it- immediately. After church yesterday, daddy rolled down the window and you started shouting from the top of your lungs, “If God is for us, who, who can be against us?” Adorable. You also love: Carly Pearce, Must Be the Whisky, anything from Sing, and your new favorite is Eve, “Who’s that Girl?” This is all legit.

Still don’t eat dairy and gluten (for the most part). After the parasite diagnosis and other things mama just could tell, that’s what we decided would be best for you for awhile. And it has really helped! At this point, you’re used to it- you don’t ever cause a stink about what you can or can’t have.

You Eat a Ton!

Even without the dairy and gluten, you eat more than most of us in this house. Three hot dogs in one sitting is no big deal for you. You are a little tank; growing like a weed. Last night you tried Sweet Potato Sushi with mama for the first time. Loved it and kept asking for more. Keep on eating all the things my baby Hercules (I’ve called you that since you were a baby.)

Love your sisters. You’re constantly playing (and fighting) with them. When I hear your little conversations, I want to freeze time. I mean, until the hitting, kicking, and screaming starts 🙂 p.s. In this picture you were so mad because you couldn’t see the airplane in the sky anymore — the one we saw at church — 20 miles away.

Might be a heartbreaker. They all say you’re going to be a real heartbreaker. We see it, too.

Wear your cowboy boots daily. We are trying to tell you that if you wear the tennis shoes, you’ll be able to run faster at school on the playground. Instead, you demand the boots. It’s a battle I’m not fighting, especially because they are so cute.

Oh, Zay, you are the little engine that could.

It’s so hard to believe that you are yet another year older. I am so grateful that God chose me to be your mama. You’re currently in a total mama-bug state. You constantly want me to hold your hand, read you stories, and put you to bed.

The best is your latest bedtime routine when you first tell me, “I love my mama.” Then, “Will you rest with me?” After a few minutes you say, “Okay, mommy, only a couple more minutes.” And then, approximately 30 seconds later, “Time for you to get out.”

And that’s totally your personality; sweet, charming, and funny.

We love you, Zay from the Tay-Tay!

p.s. We’re going to your favorite restaurant tonight. You beg to go constantly, and even though you just went Friday night — the Boathouse it will be — again.

Join the magic and chaos.

Love always, Mama

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