Today you are three, Amiya.

Yes, just 1 year and 10 short days after Zay was born, your Tummy Mommy had you, little one.

And holy moly, today we now have a 3, 4, and 5-year-old in the house. Let the record show (to look back on years to come) that we also have a 3-month old puppy, and almost 11-year old Great Dane living under this roof as well. (Also, your “other” sister Ceci will be 20 next week!)


You Are Three, Amiya

Here are all your previous birthday letters, Bee:

  1. You Are One, Amiya
  2. You Are Two, Amiya

And today is three.

Dear Amiya,

I have to share something on your 3rd birthday today in a slightly different way. I’m sharing the “Maya-isms.”


Oh, little Bee, because you have this hilarious personality — similar to, yet so different from — Isaiah. If I don’t write these down, I might forget them (probably not though, because you say each one approximately 343 times daily).

  • “I wanna watch Corn & Peg.”
  • “You Mommy, I Amiya.”
  • “You’re not Mommy, you’re Mommy.”
  • “Amiya is Black. Mommy is White.”
  • “I wanna banana.”
  • “Georgie likes Amiya.”
  • “Don’t want it…..”
  • “True dat.”

You have the funniest expressions, loudest voice, and can go from 0–100 like nothing.

We thought Isaiah was going to be a strong personality, but I think you’ll be (by far) our strongest personality. It’s always your way or the highway.

You love dresses like your sister Samarah paired with cowboy boots. We are constantly trying to get you to try new things, but you always know exactly what you want.

I think you’re secretly a Daddy’s girl, even though you don’t want to have anything to do with him when it comes to your hair. Instead, “Mommy, can I have pretties?” is a constant.

You love Elsa and Anna, but you really love the Minions and can recite the entire movie.

I still believe you’re going to be very active and athletic, but first, we’re working on channeling all that big energy.

Life with You

Life with you, Amiya, is one big surprise every single day. We (literally) never what what Amiya we’ll get, but we can always be certain that she’ll be entertaining, sweet, sassy, and everything in between.

There is nothing that’s easy about you, and yet everything is wonderful, beautiful and perfect. Your hugs and smile are beaming-and you’re constantly lighting up every room you enter (for better or worse!)

I hope you’ll have the best day, little Bee. Tonight, we’ll have one of your favorite meals — French Fries and Hot Dogs. Anything but ordinary — and I love that about you!

Join the magic and chaos.

Xox, Mama

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