I fell in love with Ashley McBryde’s music the moment I heard A Little Dive Bar in Dahlonega. It wasn’t long after that when my brother-in-law told me to listen to Bible and a .44

My dad was already sick then so upon hearing it even for the first time, tears rolled down my face.

So many lines in the song mirror who my dad was. He would be the last one off if the ship went down, and he did believe that the best thing you’ll ever own is a piece of land.

The softness of the Bible; also his faith unwavering, and the rugged strength implied with a .44.

Bible and a .44

I have many songs that remind me of my dad — always will, but I chose this song for his wake slideshow. I had wanted to put this together before his passing to share with him, but each time I started it, I could not get through the pictures-fearing the worst.

And now that those fears have become real, I was left with no choice but to finish the project.

We had it playing at the wake last night, but I want it here for me to remember forever.

This is for you, Dad.

Lord I miss that man and I always will….

Join the magic and chaos.




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