I am Truly (and enough) – on repeat at our house.

Samarah has all sorts of books. The kids have so many books that we will likely never read all of them.

But there are a handful that she comes back to night-after-night.

I Am Truly is one of them. I Am Enough is another.

Now listen, just because the kids aren’t Caucasian doesn’t mean we fill every last thing in the house with books, babies, barbies, stuffed animals, movies, and all other toys that look just like them. No, we celebrate anyone and everyone; including, never excluding.

Samarah does gravitate towards things and people that look like her or her mama (which I think most children do), so it’s not all that surprising that these two books would be some of her favorites.

Anyways, back to I Am Truly and I Am Enough.

While reading I Am Truly the other night, Sam said to me,

I want to be just like Truly, but why can’t I do all the things Truly can do?

Of course she was referring to things like:

I can fly to the moon
And dance on the stars.
I can tame wild lions…
And race fast cars.

I replied, “Well, Samarah, even Mama can’t do those things. What Truly is trying to tell you is that you should set out to do big things, as big as you can dream.”

To which she replied, “Okay, Mama. I will do big things someday when I’m bigger like Truly.”

I Am Truly (and enough)

I thought about this concept — doing big things, but at the same time making sure Samarah (and all my little angels) know that with or without doing big things, they are enough.

In fact, I have often wondered if the message of more, bigger, and better is the right message I want to send to my children. In I Am Truly I think it’s more about dreaming and girl power; letting little girls know that no matter who they are or what they look like, they can dream big.

But so often that simple message becomes like a cob web as children grow up. Somehow dancing on the stars twists and turns from being in dance to practicing dance 30 hours a week to becoming the very best dancer around and then needing to make national dance teams (and beyond) in order to matter.

Dancing on the stars was a metaphor that somehow became an unwavering desire to reach more and more, yet never enough.

There is such a fine line and yet great balance to I Am Truly and I Am Enough.

In the end, I want my children to always know that they are truly and enough.

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