They were stuck in a moment that wouldn’t quit.

Cristin Harber

I’ve been going to Sedona since 2012 and since then I’ve been there so many times I’ve lost count.

Each time I go, it feels magical – the desert is probably, by far my favorite:

  • the muted, contrasting colors
  • a sense of peace I might only be able to describe in pictures
  • freeing not fleeing

This time I went for reflection, connection, introspection, and creation.

The pictures say it all, except for the tattoo which bodes explanation.

Second Story Waseca Minnesota

Stuck in a Moment….and the new tattoo.

The top-center of my heart is a cross.

To remind me that God is above all else – to remind me that Jesus died on the cross, even for sinners like me and through Him and with Him I am strong enough for anything.

Adrian and ink

As it flows down, the next is a shaded moon.

Your presence is my greatest weapon; pushing back the darkness.

I shaded that moon with Sedona Ink from the Cathedra Rock vortex.

A couple years back, when I was near the Cathedral Rock vortex, I snapped a picture of its beauty.

After I took it, this is what I saw.

And the first + only thing I felt while stuck in the moment was Dad.

The tattoo keeps going down and then hits a mountain range: with 3 peaks, one for each of my Angel babies.

I once got a mountain necklace while in Sedona that I wear most days.

It came with a tiny card that reads:

Sometimes life will test you, but remember this:

When you walk up a mountain your legs get stronger.

And the final part of the tattoo….the end brings it all back to the beginning with the simple sign to indicate:

God is greater than the highs and lows.

tattoo full

Currently: just trying to get stuck in more moments.

And reminding myself (thanks to Jesselynn), EVERYTHING IS HEALABLE.




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