Happy Birthday, Isaiah {You are Seven}!

Well, well, well…..little Mr. Zay from the tay-tay – today you are seven.

Isaiah seven MR photography

Happy Birthday, Isaiah {You are Seven}

Here are all your previous birthday letters, Zay:

  1. Happy Birthday, Isaiah {You are One}
  2. {You are Two}
  3. Happy Birthday, Isaiah {You are Three}
  4. {You are Four}
  5. Happy Birthday, Isaiah {You are Five}
  6. {You are Six}

And today is seven.

Isaiah seven great wolfe lodge

Dear Isaiah,

Today you are seven. A whole seven. And don’t even try to argue with me that you are still six or 7 and 5 hours.

You are seven, little man.

I’m not even sure where to start with your birthday letter this year because you. have. come. so. far in the past year.

Isaiah seven swing

Your big milestones this past year included:

  • Getting and then staying in the school you were meant to be at.
  • Making huge progress with learning.
  • Growing even bigger and stronger.
Isaiah seven

In addition to the big milestones, your personality has fully blossomed. Here’s exactly what you are like:

  • Super strong in your convictions.
  • Argumentative to exhaustion.
  • Particular.
  • Imaginative with fantastic storytelling skills.
  • Highly interested in computers, phones, anything electronic and with many parts and pieces.
  • Straight-forward.
  • Hilarious.
  • Musical.
  • Big, big eater!
Isaiah seven burger 1
Isaiah seven burger 2
Isaiah seven eating Key Lime Pie

You literally make me laugh every single day, no exceptions.

Here are some things you love to do and people you love to do them with:

  • Vans. White vans, every day, all day – white vans.
  • You love memorizing every car on the marketplace and planning for which one you’ll have in your future. Some days it’s a Tesla, and other days you just want a big, white Ford van.
  • Making jokes with Grandpa Bob.
  • Having extra treats with Grandma Nancy.
  • Learning in a fun way with Grandma Judy.
  • Visiting aunts, uncles, and cousins.
  • Boating with the family, mostly Daddy.
  • Jumping on the trampoline with Samarah and Amiya, while Mama “launches” you all.
  • Swimming, pools, the beach – sun, sand, and water.
  • Reading bedtime stories with Mama and Daddy, sometimes allowing Bailey on your bed and other times kicking him.
  • Playing with your sisters – you call Sam a “danger to society” due to her trampoline skills (ha!) and both Sam and May drama girls.
  • Stealing my phone and getting on my Instagram to say, “Hi Guys, this is Sarah Kay Hoffman here, and today we are going to talk about people’s poops…..” (Note: This is not gross, remember, my life’s mission and career is A Gutsy Girl so he hears me to talk about the gut and its critical role in our house 24/7.)
  • Joking and hanging with Kayla at (their) The Bar on Main or at our house.
  • Giving BIG hugs to anyone and everyone.
  • Helping – you’re the BEST helper, by far, in this house!
Isaiah seven Ashton
Isaiah seven swinging
Isaiah seven Makayla Rae photography amiya samarah

Food is still your jam, and here are some current favorites:

  • Hamburger and fries, but NO cheese because “I can’t have dairy.” (This is selective, though, because you have no problem consuming any other forms of dairy!)
  • Ginger Beer
  • Fruit, fruit, fruit, and more fruit…..
  • Sushi – actually and literally, you love it!
  • ice cream (there’s that dairy that you selectively choose!)
  • Hot dogs
  • Rice and noodles topped with Nooch (aka, Nutritional Yeast and “Mama’s special cheese”) + Coconut Aminos (aka, Minos)
Isaiah seven with Sam

At Grandpa’s birthday dinner you had burger and fries, and when it was time for dessert, the waitress asked if wanted cheesecake. Your face was glued to the phone, playing a game, but you still managed to get this out:

Nope. Me and Mommy are on a diet. Right, Mommy?

The entire table cracked all the way up.

{We are NOT on a diet. What he was referring to is that I told him after all the May birthday festivities we need to get his stomach back to feeling good. I told him I’d be cooking up a huge turkey, making bone broth, and we would consume a diet conducive for him feeling better.}

Isaiah seven Sanibel beach


You say things out of nowhere, and even when they are inappropriate (70% of the time), we just roll with it all.

Daddy and I have sort of learned that that’s just life with you.

Same as last year on your birthday, this year you told everyone “I can if I want, it’s my birthday, and I make the rules.” The difference is that it didn’t go over well in the Kindergarten setting this year.

We took you out of school for half the day so we could play together. We went to the park, then got a new toy truck. For dinner we went to your fave, the Boathouse, and ended the day with gifts and ice cream.

Isaiah seven birthday todd's white van

Celebrating you, Buddy, is so dang easy.

And before bedtime tonight, after I read you a story, I told you how thankful I am that you were born on this day seven years ago.

My life would look so much different without you in it – our lives would look so much different without you in it.

It’s a life I wouldn’t want to know.

We love you, little big man!

Isaiah seven and SKH
Isaiah seven and sam walking
Isaiah seven MR photography amiya samarah

Join the magic and chaos.

Love always, Mama


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