Today you are six, Amiya.

You Are Six, Amiya

Here are all your previous birthday letters, Queen Mila:

  1. You Are One, Amiya
  2. You Are Two, Amiya
  3. Three, Amiya
  4. You are Four, Amiya
  5. Five, Amiya

And today is six.

You are Six, Amiya

Dear Amiya,

We learned so much about you this past year.

Many of the things are not appropriate for the public to be able to read about. I hold these things for you offline, intentionally.

But the things that made up your life which can be public are some of the very best things about you!

And they would be…..

  • You are the sweetest, kindest, and most loving six year old.
  • Making people laugh and smile is one of your most favorite things in the world.
  • The heart which beats within you is strong; you are filled with emotions, big, big emotions.
  • Your life is rainbows, sparkles, shiny objects, and glitter.
  • Your favorite “animals” are unicorns, sloths, and llamas.
  • The way you sing melts my heart. You and Mommy are currently working on a song together called, “Slow Down.”
  • You’re already flipping every which way on the trampoline; your determination is strong.

I want to quickly interject to show you what was played for your preschool graduation recently.

But also, HOW did you from that little, loud baby to this big girl so quickly?! 🙁

Amiya preschool graduation then and now

So now that we have officially confirmed you love unicorns and want to be an Ambulance driver……

Let’s move on.

Amiya and Samarah deck

Here is even more about you, my little bee:

  • We still call you our little bee because of Maya the Bee.
  • Other names: Maya, Mila, Amila, Amiya Kaylee (you were pretty excited recently when you realized that Kay + Lee is mommy + daddy)
  • You try so hard!
  • Your love for the Danes and touching their ears is strong; but your disgust with Georgie is probably stronger.
  • No one dresses like you do! And that is just so cool.
  • You are simple. For your birthday day today here is what you wanted to do: Play at Rainbow Play Systems, get a treat, and then have grandma, grandma and grandpa over for Domino’s pizza and cake and ice cream.

I still believe you are a total daddy’s girl, but you spread your love for both of us in big ways.

You were the baby who loved the Ergo and staying close, and you continue to be a cuddling, lovey to this day.

In fact, I don’t know how many times I’ll tell you this, but you give the best big squeezy hugs. Ever. I just told you yesterday that you’re still little enough to just completely wrap around me and it’s the best.

The way you love, Maya, is really second to none.

Thank you for teaching me two of life’s most important lessons:

  1. Be exactly who you are – and be that perfectly.
  2. Give grace to children (who ultimately become adults) when you know nothing about their history, circumstances or what they have to work 10x’s harder for just to maintain.

You have this zest for life that not everyone gets to see. But it shines bright, little girl, and I hope it always does.

Little bee, YOU are one of a kind. I hope you never stop being exactly who you are.

Join the magic and chaos.

Xox, Mama

p.s. Continuing on with writing this at the bottom of each of your birthday posts. So here it is today…..

Holy moly! Today we now have a 6, 7, and 8-year-old in the house. Let the record show (to look back on years to come) that we also have a 3-year old puppy, and two massive 5-year-old Great Danes living under this roof as well. (Also, your “other” sister Ceci will be 23 next week!)

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