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Happy Birthday, Samarah {This is Eight}.

Angel baby – I told you to stop getting older. And yet, here we are; September 12, 2021, on your 8th birthday.

This is Eight athymeformilkandhoney.com #adoption #birthday Sam fort art up North
This is Eight athymeformilkandhoney.com #adoption #birthday Sam zoo

Dear Samarah,

8 years ago today you made me a mama, but I didn’t know it yet.

It’s amazing to me to think that there are days in our lives that might ultimately be the best days of our lives without us even knowing?!

This is Eight athymeformilkandhoney.com #adoption #birthday Sam mama

This is one of those days.

I begged God, physically, to bring me a baby.

He didn’t just bring me any baby.

He brought me the exact one my soul needed.

This is Eight athymeformilkandhoney.com #adoption #birthday Samarah SKH

Ugh, Mama gets all sorts of tears when I think about that sort of grace which I’ll never, ever be able to repay nor will I be able to effectively express to you or anyone else.

But I’ll continue to try.

Happy Birthday, Samarah {This is Eight}

And now you’re eight.

My how you’ve grown and changed this past year.

This is Eight athymeformilkandhoney.com #adoption #birthday Samarah cake

You went from all things unicorns and sparkles to gorillas. Yes, actually. You love gorillas so much that’s it was the theme for your birthday this year and we are creating a brand new room for you, gorilla-style.

Where you once used to love all things girly colors, you’re now more interested in black and orange. The funny thing is that you still love your classy, fancy dresses. Usually anyways.

This is Eight athymeformilkandhoney.com #adoption #birthday Sam cupcakes

Here is a glimpse into more of who you are today:

  • You’ve gone from 7 to 15 almost overnight. That attitude is something else!
  • Junk Food Josie is still your nickname. You’d rather eat cake and ice cream than anything else.
  • At bedtime, if we tell you one of some snack, you negotiate to two; if we say two, you negotiate to three.
  • Your creativity is unparalleled in this house. You spent a lot of time this past year in art classes because you love it and you’re incredibly talented with it, too.
  • The water (swimming) is your second natural habitat.
  • You make the biggest disasters all over the house and outside without ever giving an extra thought that, “geez, maybe I should help pick this stuff up.”
  • Giving is your second nature. You’re constantly wanting to give people toys, food, money, anything.
  • Gorillas, gorillas, and more gorillas. Yes, I know I already mentioned that, but it begs for me to mention again because it’s super unique.
  • Creative play is a superpower.
  • You’re inquisitive and smart, asking alllllll the questions.
  • You mirror mama’s patience.
  • Daddy is still your one and only prince 🙂 Forever, Sam, forever.
  • You love the most random YouTube shows, and when I recently asked you what the heck it was all about you said, “Mom, this is just kid’s business.”
  • Bailey, Harley, and Georgie adore you as much as you do them.
  • Names I call you: Junk Food Jose, Sam, Mara, Mari, Isa, Isamara, Isamella, Sammie, Sammie Jo (lately I’ve been telling you that this is what Grandpa Donnie always wanted to call you!), and of course, Samarah.
This is Eight athymeformilkandhoney.com #adoption #birthday Sam art center

Even though you’re another year older, you’re still my Angel Baby. That’s never going to change.

I still look at your hairline daily and remember adoring it the first moment I saw you.

This is Eight athymeformilkandhoney.com #adoption #birthday Sam Isaiah lakeside

You’re getting older, and I don’t know why but it both kills and thrills me simultaneously.

This is Eight athymeformilkandhoney.com #adoption #birthday Sam Bailey

I want you to stay little, loving me like you do today, always. But I also love this ability we have as you get older to do everything together – I mean, for as long as you think I’m cool.

This is Eight athymeformilkandhoney.com #adoption #birthday Sam gorilla cake

I love you so, so, so much. Happy 8th!

This is Eight athymeformilkandhoney.com #adoption #birthday Sam sea otter

Join the magic and chaos.




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