In French, Porchaine means next.

(Ceci confirmed this, as she’s fluent in French.)

The first time I ever helped my cousin Jason with one of his recovery projects was on his first house.

The house is called “Pioneer House.” You can see it HERE.

How did I help? I just took some basic pictures that they could use for the website, flyers, etc. No big deal, but it filled my cup to help in a small way.

Well, my cousin Jason doesn’t ever stop. So, he and his business partner, Allison, launched house #2 last week.

It’s the “next” way they are making massive impact in the world.

Logically, then, the house is: Porchaine.


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Porchaine porch #recover #addiction #photography #life

Here is who they serve:

  1. women, which is incredibly important to me as it’s my own calling with A Gutsy Girl
  2. women in recovery from addiction, which is also a coincidence placed upon me that’s not really a coincidence – I don’t believe in them, just things that are meant to be the way they should be

When these women come to the house, they have the following requirements:

  • No Methadone/Suboxone
  • Clean and sober for a minimum of 30 days
  • Attend three recovery meetings each week
  • Meet with recovery sponsor/mentor once each week
  • Attend weekly house meetings (Sunday @ 4pm)
  • Resident agreements with comprehensive list available upon request
Porchaine porch #recover #addiction #photography #life dining

Reflection on Porchaine

After I left the Porchaine house on Sunday, I reflected on that “not-so-coincidental” I mentioned above.

My children’s stories are definitely not mine to tell.

My own story as it relates to how they came to us and our life with them is my story.

To discuss their biological connections isn’t my place.

What I will say, though, is that through my cousin Jason I have come to see and realize that addiction is not always just a simple choice.

Porchaine porch #recover #addiction #photography #life bedroom

Addiction from a Different Lens

He states time and time again that it’s a disease, like any other. And he states that had it not been for people who kept on unconditionally loving him, he would never be where he is today (10 years sober this past week!) and more important than that is that he might not even be alive.

Samarah came with me to do the pictures at Porchaine on Sunday. She asked Jason where we were going because I thought it would be best for him to describe it.

Here is what he said,

We are going to a home that helps women who are sick get better.


She really didn’t say anything. It’s something she knows nothing about.

Porchaine porch #recover #addiction #photography #life Minneapolis house

One Less Person

What I have learned with and in everything I do is that we cannot help everyone.

Not everyone can be helped and saved, even though everyone deserves it.

I can’t change anyone, but I can be here to give back in the smallest of ways to allow even one more person to know they are loved and cared about.

So while we merely have the history and stories for our children because I know the pain and hurt addiction causes both loved ones and the individual, maybe I can help other women.

Even just one less person addicted changes several lives.

Porchaine porch #recover #addiction #photography #life loft

Lending a Hand

Anyways, here is what Jason said they need.

If you have any interest in contributing to this new house, we’re looking for the following items:

  • Pots and pans, baking pans, cookie trays, cutting boards, mixing bowls, and a mini toolbox.
  • Also, if you want to join us in contributing to gift bags for the ladies in both houses, we’re putting together the following in package form: Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotions, body spray, and any affirmations/letters anyone wants to add.

If you feel any inclination to helping, Jason and Allison have their contact information HERE.

Porchaine porch #recover #addiction #photography #life living room

Join the magic and chaos.




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