In case you weren’t aware, yesterday was the first day of fall; Tuesday, September 22, 2020. So I thought summer 2020 coffee conversations should be in order today.

The summer flew by and honestly, I just never felt like writing these this summer.

A friend recently commented saying this was by far the most uneventful summer.

Many people thought it was boring; the worst summer yet.

Not me.

In fact, this is the first summer when I didn’t have the urge to get out fall decorating before Labor Day.

Summer 2020 Coffee Conversations

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Fall is my most favorite season, but I cannot let summer go this year.

This summer was, hands down, my favorite summer to date.

And if you want the truth, I also feel a sense of guilt and sadness saying that – since it was the first full summer of life without Dad here.

But here were all the things summer, 2020 consisted of:

  1. Tons of lake time
  2. Pontoon and lounging
  3. Pool several times a week
  4. July 4th celebration at our house
  5. Northern Minnesota for Labor Day Weekend
  6. Friends from Nebraska come to stay at our house and play for a weekend
  7. Ryan’s family weekend at our house (in place of going to Battle Lake, as we usually do, each summer)
  8. Drinks and more drinks
  9. Tons of Great Dane and Peekepoo time
  10. Nearly every single day I walked and/or ran the lake
  11. Brunch in Minneapolis with the Besties for both Kristi and Meg’s birthdays
  12. Antique Mall instead of Gold Rush Days with Mom
  13. Slides at Auntie Kimmies
  14. Launched my 90-day gut healing journal, Healing Blooms from Within
  15. So much porch time – even decorated it this year
  16. Emma’s confirmation
  17. STILL healed from all illness, and in July I hit 2 years with the freedom to do, eat, and drink as I please
  18. Finished the Office Bookshelf
  19. Went to visit Dad for the first time at his grave (Father’s Day)
  20. And then I went to visit Dad on his 1-year anniversary with Jesus – sat there, alone, and together we listened to My Girl on repeat
  21. Super busy at work, but still took 1-2 hour daily lunches
  22. Lots of Lush coffee
  23. Kansas City weekend at Mark and Kelly’s with family
  24. Lot of outdoor playing at home
  25. Sleeping in late, waking up to warm, bright sunshine
  26. Making succulent wreaths with Mom and Kim
  27. Squatty Potty making with Kim

And those are just the memories through Labor Day.

September has already been an incredible month.

I have tried putting a finger on what was so different about this past summer.

For the most part, I can’t.

All I know is that I spent far more time with close family and friends and the outdoors than ever before.

And I think that’s exactly it.

Is there anything better than that?

Join the magic and chaos.



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